Click on a piano key, or slowly drag cursor across piano keys...

or press keyboard keys to play (only for white piano keys).

The Piano is a beautiful instrument. Not only is lovely to gaze upon but the music can carry a person away. The Piano is such a versatile instrument it has been used throughout history and in almost every genre including jazz, classical, rock, and hip-hop. 

There are many different keyboard style instruments established from designs of the piano. With such a variety of instruments based on this musical cornerstone there is something to fit every age and style. 

Simple electronic keyboards are great for children first learning about music. They give parents and teachers an expensive option for a first instrument. One advantage to learning music on a keyboard, or other piano style instrument is that the skills learned are important for other areas of music. There are virtual piano keyboard programs available online for anyone to use. These virtual piano keyboard programs can be a useful tool in learning music theory. 

Students have fallen in love with music because of this beautiful instrument. From the pipe organ to virtual piano keyboard programs there is something for every personality. Using all these variations of the traditional grand piano musicians in every genre are finding the perfect sound for their musical creations.


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