Click on a piano key, or slowly drag cursor across piano keys...

or press keyboard keys to play (only for white piano keys).

Modern technology has certainly been a boon for the musician. One of the more fascinating aspects of the digital revolution is the advent of the virtual keyboard. Here one can find a site online and begin playing piano from their desk top. These sites offer many learning devices, from practice forums to piano games

These piano games, have been found to be a great teaching device for newer players. They are fun, so the at younger students may be inspired to use them whereas they may try to avoid practicing as a discipline. And any time spent at the keyboard is going to improve playing ability. 

More advanced players will enjoy piano games, as well. These fun exercises can add to existing skill sets, as well as break up the monotony that is sometimes associated with practicing. After all, the piano is a fun instrument to play, but somewhat difficult to master. Making practice fun can make the mastering easier. 

Again, these games and lessons can be found at virtual keyboard sites. Using a quality search engine will turn up many options. For the modern musician, the virtual instrument is a great way to practice as well as enjoy the music itself.


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