Click on a piano key, or slowly drag cursor across piano keys...

or press keyboard keys to play (only for white piano keys).

If you're looking into playing piano but don't have one, or maybe you don't even have a keyboard, you can play piano online for free from a web-site hosting a virtual keyboard. These allow you to turn your computer's keyboard into a virtual piano. This isn't the only thing you do when you play piano online for free though, you can also record your own custom melodies and even take online lessons. It's a great feature for anyone who doesn't have access to a keyboard, or people who just want to toy around with different sounds and musical concepts. 

When you play piano online for free, you are also saving yourself the money from investing in a keyboard. This means that you'll be able to test out your musical resolve or even your children's. They can also have various synth sounds and backing drum beats allowing you to make music with relative ease. 

It's also great for needing to work out musical ideas on the spot, especially if you have a laptop with a bad sound-card or weaker processor. There are so many ways to have fun making music on your computer with websites that offer virtual pianos to play.


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