Click on a piano key, or slowly drag cursor across piano keys...

or press keyboard keys to play (only for white piano keys).

Play Virtual Keyboard

For Free Playing a virtual keyboard for free is a good way for those who may want to learn how to play to learn! With a virtual keyboard you can play on your own time without the need of someone being there to coach you in whats to be done. Virtual keyboards are very much similar to real ones just that they are online based and do not need to be plugged in or carried around so you do have the freedom of having the virtual keyboard at your disposal wherever you may be! Virtual keyboards are a great appliance for persons such as D j's, and other musically enhanced persons who need/use such appliances on a daily basis. D j's can really benefit because they have the opportunity to use the virtual keyboard for the making of their beats and anything else they may use it for at any time that's convenient to them. For example if they have a client who has a last minute change to songs or a live audience show to be done in a moments notice they can just show up with their laptop and get started playing for the client without the need of rescheduling or any other process that may be a downfall for the client.


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