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Basic Info on Virtual Laser Keyboard

The idea of realization of a virtual laser keyboard appeared nearly a decade ago. The authorship rights belong to the Israeli company Developer VKB Inc. The first keyboard of this type was represented on the CeBIT exhibition in 2002 by the company Siemens Procurement Logistics Services.

As a matter of fact, the first virtual laser keyboard was characterized by absence of any mechanical or electronic device. The developers of this item intended to implement their invention into any mobile transportable device, among them being cell phones, laptops, palm PCs and a lot of others including even sterile medical equipment. At the present days there is only one virtual laser keyboard represented on the market. It is named iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard (abbrev. as BTVKB). It is made compatible with a large number of various devices.

The construction of the keyboard involves using two diode lasers – “red” one (to create keyboard projection) and invisible infrared one with a photographic detector (to interpret the keys indicated by users’ fingers). Thus, touching the QWERTY projection imitates real typing on a keyboard. The device is supplied with wireless Bluetooth interface for connecting with both static and mobile devices (Iphones, smartphones, e-books, laptops etc.).


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